I am sorry I have been MIA!

Okay, I am really bad at this “blogging” thing. I worked so hard to have such a FABULOUS site, and here I am not updating you guys. I am sorry. Be prepared to have a SLEW of blog posts tonight and tomorrow.

So much has changed since I last blogged. I bought myself a brand new desk top computer! IT’S AWESOME!! It has consumed so much of my time though. Loading everything and setting up accounts… it takes SO much time! I never realized how much I replied on my laptop to do everything for me. I only remembered like ONE password to my 1 MILLION accounts. HAHA. I have the tendency to “save my password” on every account I own… AWFUL I KNOW!

Other than that, I have been so busy this Spring. I love it!! My babies have been sick here and there, but otherwise it’s been nice. I am so READY for summer and the beach!! I am booking senior sessions now, so book your session ASAP!

Now, be prepared for a slew of sessions!

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