A better blogger!!

Okay, I swear I will become better at “blogging”. I PINKY PROMISE! It’s finally summer and things are starting to slow down (and heat up). I am able to be able to breathe a little more now. My house is finally clean! It’s nice to have a nice and clean work area. Hopefully it will stay like this.

This weekend was BEYOND nuts! Between the heat and storms, I don’t know what was craziest. Friday nights the storm was INSANE. Our electricty was blinking for like an hour, thank the lord it never went out. The wind made it feel like a hurricane.  Saturday night we had more severe storms rip through the area. I really didn’t think it was supposed to be as bad as the night before. Of course, we went out to dinner with friends and totally didn’t realize how bad the storms were that were headed our way. It dodged us at the restaurant, but on our way home we saw the aftermath of a the tornado that hit Mechanicsville. It was dark, but you could tell it was bad. No one had power, roads were closed, and their were tress in the roads everywhere. Thank god our family made it home safe and our friends made it back home to North Carolina.  I was able to snap some shots on some lightening strikes when we got home.

Saturday Mike and  I worked on the flower beds. They now look AMAZING!! My hands hurt like hell, but it was so worth it. I went inside for  5 minutes to get some water and I came back to my daughter taking a bath in mulch!  Here are a few shots from the weekend .. ENJOY!

Here are the few images I was able to get from Saturday night’s storm! Not the greatest, but okay for my first lightening images..

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