Inside Brayden’s room…

I’m not sure how many of you guys follow my Facebook, but a while back a posted a shoot I did with my daughter. (HERE) I decided to start doing photo shoots with my kids in their rooms. I really think they would enjoy seeing it when they get a bit older. I make sure I include some of their favorite toys and get little details. I told my son to do what he normally does in his room, and it def.  wasn’t clean, so this is what it “normally” looks like. (minus dirty clothes in the floor. I did laundry today) I wish I could tell you guys where I bought everything, but I will try my best. It’s really nothing special, but he enjoyed looking at them in the end. Please try it!!

Outer Space bedding- Target

Rug- Ikea maybe? (I know they have one)

Table- Ikea

Easel- Ikea

Letters- Hobby Lobby

Stickers- Target

Chalkboard buckets- Target

Picture frame and bed – MEEE =)


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