Small Business Girl! ATTENTION

Okay, so I was in the shower tonight and this brilliant idea popped in my head!! Don’t hate on me, I know you do the same thing!

Being a small business owner in a very small town is hard. Using the word hard is actually an understatement. Growing up in King William county, I have seen business’ come and go. It’s a harsh reality to living in a small town and the economy. I try to preach and preach “SHOP SMALL BUSINESS”, but you know how that is. She’s  just a 25 year old mom of two, what the heck does she know? WELL, she must know something, she has more than 1,000 fans on Facebook. LOL Yes, I am pretty proud! Well why not take advantage of it?

Starting this month (hopefully), I want to feature a small business every month here on my blog and Facebook. I want to take a few shots of the business and maybe a little write up. I want you guys to help “nominate” business’ and business owners. For now, I am doing small business’ in King William County. It can be any type of small business; a restaurant, a lawn service, a farmer, a fruit stand, a day care, a hair salon/barber shop, ANY small business here in King William.

I am not doing this for myself, but for our community. I am looking at it as a way to give back.  I may not be that “big”, but my 1,000 fan’s on Facebook could possibly help boost some of your business!

If you have a business you think would benefit from this, please contact me! My e-mail is or you can message me on Facebook.




February 6, 2013 - 5:43 pm

Kristi South Schneider - GREAT IDEA! I should do that in KQ! I totally get it girl!

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