Playing Catch up! – Personal

Well, I get an F for blogging! No one ever said owning your own business, being a full time mom of two, and wife of the year was EASY.. Blogging has definitely not been on my mind. I just get so excited to move on to the next session after I am done editing. So be prepared for 100 blog posts.

My business has grown SO much in the last year. This is year is my first year that I have been consistently busy. No down time.. Which is good, and I’m NOT COMPLAINING! I have been so blessed. Our summer was filled with the river, the beach, family and our little farm. Brayden started 1st grade. He is a pro. Sometimes I wish he would at least act like he needs his Momma. Carsyn and I have been hanging out now that Bubba is back in school. I “try” to work during the day, but it seems like I get most of my work done between 8pm and 12am.  Baseball and dance also keeps us busy three nights a week…

Here are a few personal pics… enjoy <3

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