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Small Business Friday- Kent’s Super Market

Happy Friday to all! It’s already March! Can you believe it? This month I wanted to share my favoriteView full post »

Manquin Barber Shop- Small Business Friday

It’s SMALL BUSINESS FRIDAY! My first one ever! I am so excited! Small business Friday will normally be on theView full post »

Sunshine and Football

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Virginia. It wasn’t the warmest, but we had lots of sunshine! I had TONS ofView full post »

Photographing your Toddler

Photographing a toddler can be a challenge. Actually doing anything with a toddler can be a challenge.  They don’View full post »

Small Business Girl! ATTENTION

Okay, so I was in the shower tonight and this brilliant idea popped in my head!! Don’t hate on me, I know you doView full post »

My Weekend Get-A-Way! New Market, Virginia

This past weekend was the best time I have had in a long time. It was hard in the beginning, but once Friday night cameView full post »

A Doc Mcstuffin’s Party

It happened! Finally! Carsyn is two and her party was a success.  In case you don’t know who Doc Mcstuffin’View full post »

Winter Wonderland — Well, sorta

Here in Virginia it snows maybe 2-3 times a year. Last night we had our first snow. It was very short lived but weView full post »

Doc Mcstuffin’s Obsession

My daughter has a slight obsession. Her name is Doc Mcstuffin’s! Ever heard of her? Yeah, not many people have. ItView full post »

New Year- Better blogger!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC holiday! I had some much needed time off with my family. I have played babies, OperationView full post »

Christmas with The Falcone’s

Yep, the Falcone’s! That’s us! I FINALLY found time for my own pictures. We usually don’t do familyView full post »

The Olivia Act

Good Wednesday morning to you guys! I hope everyone is ready and excited for Christmas. I know I am! I don’t wantView full post »

The Elf On The Shelf- Nick

Who else has an Elf on a shelf? Isn’t it AMAZING?? I mean really… The girls who came up with the idea areView full post »

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Who doesn’t love “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”? My kids watch the movie even when it’s notView full post »

Warning– I’m feeling a little emotional!

Some of you may know, I am a mother of two little angels (both under 5), a business owner, and a wifey. My life is CRAZYView full post »