2014 Spring Mini Session’s

It’s already here, even though some days it still feels like the middle of winter. Spring is RIGHT around the corner. That means  it’s time for mini sessions! I  have received  so many e-mails about these, so I have a feeling they are going to go QUICK! So here are the details! Depending on the demand, I may add another day of mini’s!   This is the first time I have offered mini sessions at Elsing Green. For those of you who haven’t been to Elsing Green, IT’S GORGEOUS! I have done some family sessions there and a wedding. When you pull in it looks like something out of a book. There are usually deer or other wildlife running in the fields. Peacocks and guineas also call Elsing Green home. If you want more information on Elsing Green, please visit www.elsinggreen.com NEWWWTime Slots






Your mini session must be paid in full to “book” your time slot. I accept cash, check, paypal, or credit card. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. It’s first come, first serve. Spot are limited! You cannot use any other offers towards mini sessions. Here are some of my images from Elsing GreenE33A4340-Edit-copyE33A4432-Edit-3-copyE33A4519-Edit-copyE33A6906-Edit

PRINTS! – Where to Print and What to do With Your Prints

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked a question about printing. Today, I am here to answer them!! Wahoo! I am excited because some people don’t understand the importance of prints.


Digital photography has really changed the photography world, for the good and the bad. It’s amazing what you can do to your images now that things are digital. Hundreds of images can fit on this TINY little memory card. From there you can upload them to your computer, post them online, store your memory card in a drawer or a cabinet, transfer them to a disk, or PRINT your images.  I am going to admit, I upload them and post them more than I print them. It’s so much easier to pop your memory card or plug your camera into your computer, upload them to a folder and be done. BUT what happens if your computer decides it doesn’t want to work anymore? Or what happens when years down the road, computer’s don’t use CD’s or DVDs?  Okay, you get the point.  It’s important to PRINT your images.

I am often asked where I print my pictures, what do I do with them once they are printed, and so on.. Here ya go!

I try to order prints once a month. I take hundreds of images of my kids, this is the only way to keep up.


This is the size of a stack of prints from 2013. This is only from Jan. to Aug.

Now, ya wanna know WHERE I print my images right? Well I print my images at a few different places.  I use my professional lab about %70 of the time. It’s easy for me and it gets here pretty quick. It also depends on what I am doing with the prints. If they are gifts or maybe will be framed, I print from my lab.

I also try to take advantage of awesome print deals. I have used Shutterfly , Snapfish, and my favorite Mpix. ShutterFly and Snapfish try to sharpen your prints and sometimes my images come back grainy, so I try to stick with only Mpix. It’s hard to beat 100 free print deals from Shutterfly though!

I DO NOT USE TARGET, WALMART, CVS, WALGREENS, or any of those Kodak machines. They torture your images. If you need prints ASAP, I’d use Richmond Camera or Ritz Camera.

In addition to printing your pictures taken from your camera or a professional photographer, don’t forget the sometimes best images, those cell phone pictures. YES! PRINT THEM!!


How? Well, I found this AWESOME iPhone app this year and I am in love! It’s called PostalPix Photo Prints. It’s AAAmazing! You order prints straight from your phone and they ship them right to your door.  They even come in a cute little square print. The quality is great and I am addicted!


Now, what the heck do I do with all my prints? Well, I do a few things. I put them in my closet, my desk drawer, give them to family, put them in an album, put them in a frame, and my favorite, “Project Life”.

Project Life is like the best thing since sliced bread. It’s amazing. People tell me (and me too) that they have NO time to scrapbook, they hate cutting and gluing and storing all that scrapbook stuff. I hear ya! I am right there with you. Take a look at Project Life!



Project Life is pretty much a big album with pocket folders that you insert your images in. I, personally start my albums at Jan. and end at December. Some people do a spread a week or even do a whole book on something in particular like a vacation or a certain child.

There are many different “kits”  for Project Life to choose from. A kit looks like this…


I am now on my third year with Project Life. Carsyn and Brayden LOVE pulling out the books and reading about Christmas two years ago, or maybe even that time Carsyn got really sick. It involves no cutting or glue. It’s addictive. You can find out more about Project Life at www.BeckyHiggins.com or now you can even find them in your local craft store.

Honestly, I can’t express the importance of printing your images. Even if they are just put in an album. That album full of wonderful memories will be priceless in just a few years. It doesn’t take that much time or money. E33A1695_2

If you are a client and want to order prints from a past session, please let me know! I’d be happy to order prints for you.

Now, get to printing!

My Latest…. 2013 RECAP!

It’s been a busy few months and I am so thankful for it.  Since September, I have been doing Christmas sessions and somehow managed to be a Mom, Wife,  be in a wedding, Christmas shop, spend time with my family all while running a business. It wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing friends and family.. They are the best babysitters a girl could ask for. 2013 was my busiest year yet. I stayed constantly busy. I couldn’t have asked for a better year. This year, I need to cut back, yes, cut back. I missed t-ball games, river days, naps and much more. This year I will read more books to my kids, give more kisses, spend less time editing, play more Lego’s, document my kids lives better, go on date nights with Mike, answer the phone more, cook more dinners, and just rest more! =) I wanted to catch you guys up on some personal pictures from the Holiday’s and recap on our year..16x20 1DSC_2063-EditE33A0206-Edit-2E33A8103-EditE33A8144-EditE33A8171-EditE33A8196-EditE33A8205-EditE33A9805-EditE33A9881-EditE33A9924-EditE33A9976-2-EditE33A0331-EditE33A9993-EditE33A0001-2-EditE33A0005-2-EditE33A0016-2-EditE33A0324-EditE33A9977-EditE33A9995-2-EditE33A0053-EditE33A0162-EditE33A0274-Edit    A few highlights of the yearPTM Storyboard 3 Up B_MGL6509-Edit-copycameraE33A0051-Edit-copyE33A0665-Edit-copyE33A1669-Edit-copyE33A3154-Edit-copyE33A3172-Edit-copyE33A3302-2-Edit-copyE33A6367-Edit-copyE33A7670-Edit-copyE33A9307-Edit-copyPTM-Storyboard-3-UpUntitled-1-copyE33A9235-2-Edit-copyUntitled-1E33A3705-EditE33A4192-EditE33A5238-EditE33A5328-EditE33A6167-Edit-copyE33A6272-Edit-copyE33A6291-2-Edit-copy-2E33A2702-Edit copy_edited-1E33A2917-Edit_edited-1E33A6982-2-Edit_edited-1PTM Storyboard 2 UpE33A5816-EditE33A5821-EditE33A7512-2-EditE33A7552-2-Edit_edited-1E33A8887-Edit_edited-1E33A7684-EditE33A7747-Edit_editedfbE33A8036-Edit_edited-FBE33A9895-Edit-2_edited-1E33A1714-Edit copy_edited-1E33A1843-Edit_edited-1E33A1945-Edit_edited-1


David, Mara, and Taryn- Colonial Williamsburg Proposal!

Mara contacted me because she wanted a family session with her boyfriend, David and his daughter Taryn. We planned for a downtown Richmond shoot with some Christmas lights and so on.. Well, the weather was iffy and the Richmond Christmas parade was that day. We changed it up a bit and decided on Colonial Williamsburg. I am so glad we did! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

The day before the shoot David called me and asked if it was okay if he proposed to Mara during our session. UMM HELLOO… Every photographers dream! Yes that’s okay! Now I am excited and SUPER anxious!! The shoot went  PERFECT! It was so beautiful. Mara was so surprised. I am so glad I was there to capture her special moment. I wanted to share a few.. well a lot. I couldn’t decide!





















PTM Storyboard 2 Up Vertical


PTM Storyboard 3 UpPTM Storyboard 3 Up 2



When you Wish Upon a Star!! – King William, Virginia

Every year, I want to do something “different” with my kids for Christmas. Last year, we visited at Christmas tree farm.  Lately I have been obsessed with everything gold and shiny! I am even in the process of redesigning Kari Elizabeth Photography with Gold glitter! Anyway, I went with gold for my kids. I liked that it wasn’t “TOO” Christmasy and I could have it on my wall all year around. Here is a peek at my new logo design!

brand board

The shoot was a disaster, as always with my kids. I may try drinking alcohol before shooting.. ha Just Kidding! It was cold, and Carsyn wasn’t having it. What’s new? Brayden totally rocked it.. He is my sweet baby boy…  Check it out!