The Davis’- Tappahannock, Virginia

I feel in love with these guys the moment I met them. How could you not?  Just wait until you see these adorable little faces! Twins are always fun and exciting for me. These twins are 9 months old and like most twins, they have two totally different little personality’s. It’s so funny.  Daniel and Chesley have their hands full. On the morning of our shoot, I got lost because my iPhone was on crack. Seriously, it was ridiculous. But anyways! The shoot went well minus the cold wind and my GPS! haha!

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Lewis Family- Downtown, Richmond

One of my favorite families! Amy came to me and said she wanted something different. She wants to do a themed Christmas shoot ever year.. AHHH HELLO!! WHY CAN’T EVERYONE DO THIS?!?! I was so excited. I hitched a ride with them and away we went. It was a GORGEOUS fall evening in the river city. It couldn’t have been better. This shoot is one of my favorites this year!

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It’s Fall Ya’ll! – Personal

It’s been a very busy fall season. I have had birthdays, Seniors, newborns, weddings, and of course, my family. My kids have already had a week of sickness. Hand Food Mouth isn’t fun! Carsyn has been my assistant this Fall. It’s been nice bringing her along, but she can definitely be a pain. We miss Brayden though. School is going well for him.  Here are some updated pictures of my personal life.. I am slowly updating my blog!  =)

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Ashley- Varina High School Senior

Ashley came to me because she wanted something different. I was honored she even drove the 45 mins. just for me! =)  She did so good, she was relaxed and comfortable, and of course that made my job so easy. She had like 100 outfits, haha okay maybe not, but it was a lot. I think she is going to have a hard time choosing her favorites because they were all so good!