Katelyn Brooke- King William, Virginia

Katelyn is my beautiful niece. She is as big as me, but only in the 10th grade. She is an angel! She makes my life 100x easier  and she doesn’t even know it. She was my second shooter last weekend at a wedding and totally rocked it! I did a little mini session of her at my parents house last weekend and they couldn’t have turned out any better. She is so beautiful!


Case’s BIG announcement! – King William Virginia

This session has been in the making for a LONG time. Johanna and I teamed up and  it paid off. We threw both of our boys in the dirt and let them play. I arrived at the shoot and Johanna had a little more in store than just the boys playing. She had a HUGE announcement. SHE IS PREGNANT!! I was so excited!! Johanna and her husband, Patrick added a “big brother” chalk board to complete the session. Their lab Lilly had to be in the action as well. Over all it turned out absolutely AMAZING. The hardest part was keeping my mouth shut about their pregnancy until they were ready to tell. Thank you Patrick for helping us and throwing all your awesome ideas out there! Johanna and I are proud of our boys!

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Lilly is TWO! – King William, Virginia

Sweet Lilly is two! It’s hard to believe.  I visited Lilly on her Birthday at her brand new house! Lilly has come a long way.. At first Lilly was very shy with me, she def. made me work to get anything.  This shoot, Lilly was a totally different kid. I could barely get her to sit still. Here are a few of my favorites… WARNING!! Lilly has THE BEST eyes ever!!


Ms. Hayden Davis- King & Queen, Virginia

I normally like to do my newborns in their first 10 days. Hayden was born while I was on vacation… But we made me work. Good thing I have patience and so did her mommy and daddy!  Of course when it’s picture day, baby’s do the total opposite of what they “normally” do. Fussy babies are always so amazing on picture day and nice quite babies are always so fussy on picture day.. I have no clue why haha. Hayden was a doll though. I could just sit and kiss her little cheeks ALL DAY LONG!

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