Lilly is TWO! – King William, Virginia

Sweet Lilly is two! It’s hard to believe.  I visited Lilly on her Birthday at her brand new house! Lilly has come a long way.. At first Lilly was very shy with me, she def. made me work to get anything.  This shoot, Lilly was a totally different kid. I could barely get her to sit still. Here are a few of my favorites… WARNING!! Lilly has THE BEST eyes ever!!


Ms. Hayden Davis- King & Queen, Virginia

I normally like to do my newborns in their first 10 days. Hayden was born while I was on vacation… But we made me work. Good thing I have patience and so did her mommy and daddy!  Of course when it’s picture day, baby’s do the total opposite of what they “normally” do. Fussy babies are always so amazing on picture day and nice quite babies are always so fussy on picture day.. I have no clue why haha. Hayden was a doll though. I could just sit and kiss her little cheeks ALL DAY LONG!

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Mr. and Mrs. Fox – The Vintager Inn- New Kent, Virginia

Alison and Brian have been friends of mine for many many years. Never in a million year would I had thought these two would get married.  These two are PERFECT for each other!  When Alison came to me and asked if I could photograph her wedding, you could tell how in love she was with Brian. She lit up  every time we started talking about him.

Alison and Brian got married on September 7th at The Vintager Inn in New Kent county. It’s an ADORABLE little bed and breakfast with an AMAZING barn. Here are a few of my favorites!

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Ceremony and Reception Venus- The Vintager Inn

Bridal party dresses- Tiffanys Bridal

Bailey West Point High School Senior – New Kent, Virginia

Senior sessions are so much fun. I love capturing them being them. Sometimes it’s a bit tough, but then there are seniors that TOTALLY rock it . Bailey ROCKED IT..! First of all, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Second of all she knew exactly how to be natural and not too “posed”. Her session was at her family farm in New Kent. This place was a photographers DREAM location!!! Old barns, tall grass,LOTS of color!! It was beautiful! Here are some of my favorite shots!

Myrtle Beach Family Vacation- Personal

Every year my family takes a weeks vacation to Myrtle Beach. This year Mike and I were fortunate enough to take a week and a half off. It was awesome! We were ready for home by the end of the second week. Our first house we stayed in was in North Myrtle Beach. We went down on Tuesday night and slowly the rest of the family trickled in by the end of the first week. Saturday morning we packed up and moved to South Myrtle beach to our ocean front house. It couldn’t have been better. The weather was fantastic and the company wasn’t bad =) Almost every night we would fish on the beach until mid night. We caught a few sharks and a few crabs.  I convinced the whole family to do some family pictures. It was a nightmare but it was worth it!! Here are some of my favorite shots!