Summer- King William High School Senior

I honestly don’t know how I get so lucky! My seniors are always drop dead gorgeous! This is Summer, SHE WILL BE A MODEL ONE DAY! She totally rocked it. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it.  She is a natural. We started off in Walkerton and ventured down the road to a corn field, then to a family members house. Every location was awesome!  Summer’s mom was a huge help!! THANK YOU!!

Introducing Baby Myra

I am playing catch up! Please, forgive me!

I want to introduce you to beautiful Ms. Myra. She is a doll! I met her mommy and daddy at another clients birthday party. I was pleased to hear they thought so highly of me! Myra’s shoot went well. Big brother ran the show. I am sure that will change soon! Check out some of my favorites!

The Thiel Family- Hanover, Virginia

I met the Thiel family a few months back and fell in love with their little Hudson. He is the sweetest. He has these big beautiful blue eyes and he sucks his little thumb… Exactly like my little Brayden. ahh.. Makes my heart melt.  Devon and John are expecting their second little guy. Devon knew exactly what she wanted when I got there, that always helps. Hudson wasn’t feeling family pictures but he totally turned it around. We all had so much fun and I seriously think this family is the CUTEST little family ever.